Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let's Get It On - Myths And Half Truths About Inducing Labor

Not that I'm in any hurry to deliver this massive bowling ball I'm lugging around 24/7, but I have to admit, even as I'm enjoying being pregnant and all, I can't wait to meet the little bugger face to face. And you have noooo idea how excited the father and grandparents are. Everyday they ask me if I've popped yet.

All in God's perfect time, is what I always say. And in this case, all in Luna's time, too. She's made a home for herself in my belly and she's quite liking it, I can tell. She will have to come out soon. Perhaps next week, who knows. We've got time.

I have been reading articles on how to naturally and safely induce labor. I actually learned this stuff first while watching an episode of Friends a few years back, where Rachel is so miserable toward the end of her pregnancy that she was willing to do anything to get baby Emma out of her. Including, but not limited to, walking, eating chili peppers, and getting it on with her baby-papa Ross. Who said you can't learn a thing or two from watching TV. lol

Other labor inducers include drinking castor oil (which I heard is gross both at the time you take it and the time you, well, pass it), eating pineapple and a host of other so-called contraction-stimulating foods. Derived from old wives tales, I'm sure, but many moms who've tried at least one of these swear by them.

My OBGyn and I were gunning for a September 30 delivery (that's tomorrow so I don't know what the chances are of THAT happening), but she wanted me free of infection first before I go into labor. That's why I'm still on probiotics therapy for now.

In the meantime, I keep busy with our weekly garage sale, packing stuff and preparing for the big move in November, and splurging a little on eBay, Amazon, and Multiply Marketplace for even more baby stuff. Just when I think we have everything we need for the baby, I quickly discover that I don't. lol

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy Preggy Lady On Aisle 6

20-80% off retail, member's only discount, BOGO (buy one get one), FREE STUFF...these are just a few of my absolute favorite words. And I was only too thrilled to come across all of them at the S&R Member's Treat Early Bird shopping extravaganza yesterday. I was like a crazy pregnant lady on steroids!

I found myself spending most of my time in the baked goods and kitchenware sections (taking the wife and mommy roles too seriously, wouldn't you say). There were so many stuff on sale (practically give-aways, if you ask me) I almost couldn't contain myself. Among everything I managed to squeeze into my cart/s (yes, I had a couple), I'd have to say that the Philipple Richard 16-piece non-stick aluminum cook & bake set was the best steal of all. Originally priced at almost Php4000 (around US$100), they were selling them at only Php1900 (less than US$50 and that's tax inclusive)! Craaazy, right?

I've always wanted my very own griddle and now I have one.
As if my OBgyn had this sixth sense (at last weekend's check-up, I was told not to walk too much just until my UTI has cleared), I received a call from her in the middle of my shopping only to ask me if I was having contractions yet. Fortunately, the only thing that was contracting at that time was my wallet. LOL

And when you're in S&R, you can't possibly leave without having some of their delicious foodstuff. So I brought home a couple of pizzas, some clam chowder, a beef hotdog for the hubby, french fries for the kiddies, and a cup of yummy Blue Bunny strawberry cheesecake for the pregnant lady. It was one fun afternoon indeed.

The S&R Member's Treat will run in all of its branches beginning today, September 26, up until the end of the month. I couldn't risk the tumult of people that's why I went a day early and lucky for me, I scored some good early bird deals minus the crazy shopping crowd. You non-preggo shoppers enjoy these next few days. I'm sure they're going to bring out even more stuff. Happy membership shopping!

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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Probiotics vs. Antibiotics - Treatment Of UTI During Pregnancy

Since I got pregnant early this year, I've battled with minor UTI (urinary tract infection) about 3 or 4 times already. I was told it was pretty common for women, more so pregnant women, to contract these kinds of infections. I was prescribed to take baby-safe antibiotics during these times. But just last week, after a routine urinalysis, I was told that my WBC levels were abnormally high and that it looks like the bad bacteria causing my recurring UTI have become resistant to the medication I've been taking (my blood pressure kinda shot up when I heard this, so I'm on mild anti-hypertension medication now just to make sure I don't go full-blown hypertensive by D-Day, but that's an entirely different post altogether).

My OBGyn explained, in not-so-many medical terms, that after taking antibiotics so many times to fight off my UTI, the good bacteria in my body were affected, too. So there's been sort of an imbalance between the good and bad bacteria. At this point, I need to restore that balance and in doing so, hopefully the good bacteria will continue to thrive and the bad bacteria will finally flush out of my system. The only way to do that at this point is to take probiotics.

Probiotics are composed of different strains of good bacteria that commonly thrive in the human digestive system. According to studies, probiotics boost the immune system, help prevent illness, and aid in the treatment of a variety of infections and diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, Crones disease, some allergies, and,  in my case, UTI. Probiotics treatment seem to have the best impact on pregnant women because it fights a long list of health issues common to expectant moms. Aside from UTI, you have diarrhea, constipation, heartburn, cramps, and many other ailments.

Probiotics can easily be found in existing food and drinks being sold in the supermarket. There's even a reformulated brand of pregnant mom's milk being sold now that contains some probiotics. But a more concentrated supplement, such as the one I've been prescribed with, is usually best when you're already experiencing bouts with symptoms of infection. In my case, I couldn't take any more antibiotics because it would only be futile. Instead, I was told to take these soft-gel probiotics supplements twice a day for 2 weeks, then once a day after that until I deliver. The brand of probiotics I'm taking now isn't really being sold in drug stores around the metro yet, so they're delivered to my OBGyn's clinic and I get it from there. They're quite pricey, I have to say. But I really don't care how much they cost for as long as I get better and my baby is delivered safe and healthy.

I asked my doctor if hubby dearest could take it, too. He's been very sensitive to poorly handled food and drinks lately so I thought it might be beneficial for him. My doctor gave him the green light. After reading about it online, looks like it is good for everyone and not just us preggies! Well, maybe not for babies just yet.

Can't wait until the week's over and I get to go in for another round of urinalysis. Hopefully by Saturday, my body would've recovered fully and the doctor and I can concentrate on other more pressing matters (pun unintended) and that's delivering my baby!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Birthgasm - Getting Through Labor With The Big O

Got this from Chiqui. A much welcome distraction of what's to come. lol I have no idea what my whole labor experience is going to be like, but I'd take this kind of  "pleasurable" pain over any other excruciating, crushing-husband's-hand, cursing-at-the-wind labor, that's for sure.

I wonder how my husband is going to react to this... lol

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Luna's Sky

Check it! Our baby's nursery night sky. Too cute! Thanks to the Cloud B Constellation Twilight Nightlight care of Wowo, Granny Sexy, and Papa G. :)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Storm

I've attended, organized, hosted my fair share of baby showers, but the one my friends threw for me was just off the hook! Of course I would love it above everyone else's; IT'S MINE! lol 

It had a pink rockstar theme and the venue couldn't have been more perfect - a KTV! The diaper cake was divine, the homemade pink velvet sugar-free cupcakes were delicious, the presents were just too cute, the activities and the singing were both hilarious and unforgettable, and the buffet was filling and surprisingly delicious.

Ooh, and check out our Mommy and Daddy All-Access passes! It's fun being rockstars for a day. ;)

A few girl friends couldn't make it, which was unfortunate, but those who came sure had a blast. Needless to say, so did hubby and I. And just a couple of days later, another baby shower was upon us. The virtual kind. Since most of my family are Stateside, they decided to get everything they could get their hands on at Babies 'R Us and send them over to me. Opening all those boxes full of baby stuff was just exhilarating. It felt like Christmas!

In the end, not only did our loved ones "shower" us with presents and surprises. They whipped up a mad storm that we won't soon forget. Thank you, everyone, for making it all so special. 'Til the next baby. ;)

Friday, September 21, 2012


The Baby Company is now open at SM The Block. Hurrah! There's one at The Annex and another at the main department store, but it's just fun having so many options (and when you're waddling instead of strutting with a baby on the way, you'd want a baby store that's super accessible).

The SM Mom's Card and other rewards cards are also honored here, which is great. Lots of items on sale now. And they still offer the free digital photo key chain (which my friend Mikey thought was a Tamagochi lol) with every minimum purchase of Php3000. They also filled my shopping bag with free stuff and samples from Pigeon, Lactacyd Baby, Cradle, and Cycle. Gotta love them freebies and discounts. :)

Since they've just opened, I've noticed a few items/brands that aren't available in the other Baby Company stores. Scored a diaper bag by Carter (the other 2 I have are ginormous, so this smaller one would come in handy for those short day trips), a couple of breast gel pads and soothing liners by The First Years, a mommy magazine, and a bunch of other small stuff I know hubby won't mind me getting. Or at least I hope he wouldn't. lol

Happy shopping, Mommies!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Will You Be My Godparent?

Our sweet bun in the oven won't be Christened for another 2 months or so, but we've already decided on who to ask to be Godparents. Some are actually out of the country so it's sad they won't be in town for the baptism. But that doesn't make them any less important than those who will be able to come to the event.

We sent out these really cute postcards (designed by no other than my good friend Mikey, who's also one of the Godmothers) and it worked. Everyone we asked said yes. I mean, who could say no to that face, right? :)

"Ninang" means "Godmother" in Filipino.

"Ninong" means "Godfather" in Filipino.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby's Shopping List - The Essentials, Nice-to-Haves and Just-Gotta-Have-'Ems

As The Day draws near, an expectant mom like myself can't help but think (and over-think) about the things baby will need once they are born. From the layette (what in the world is a layette anyway, right?) to the travel system, from swaddling cloths to diapers. It can be daunting, I know.

After going through several "ultimate lists," I came up with my own. I didn't want to go overboard (rrrright), but I didn't want to miss out on anything either. So, here are the essentials, nive-to-haves, and just-gotta-have-ems for a first time momma like moi. Hopefully, it gives you an idea, too, of what you'll need to keep baby (and everyone around him/her) happy.



     Diapers. Whether you go with disposables or cloth nappies, you will need a LOT. Right now we've stocked up on newborn disposable diapers (c/o our good friend and soon-to-be Godmother to our first born). The first few weeks postpartum are going to be tough. I'm sure Mother Nature wouldn't mind if we use disposable diapers exclusively for a while. They're easier to put on, take off, and dispose of; no need to worry about whose turn it is to do the extra load of laundry for the day (we mothers just went through hours of labor, we'd expect the fathers to do a bit more around the house after that, right? lol)

     Onesies, wraps & rompers. They come in different colors, designs, and sizes. Yes, the key word in that last sentence is "sizes." So don't stock up on purely newborn sizes because, believe it or not, babies do grow. Faster than we all expect, in fact. So get a few in various sizes so as soon as they outgrow one size, we won't worry about them going naked even just for a day.

     Swaddling cloths. These are very useful especially from birth to around 4 months. You can do it old school (i.e. use a regular cotton, Muslin or flannel blanket and wrap your baby tightly like they do in the old days) or get those SwaddleMe ones with built in velcro snaps that keep baby swaddled and secure all through the night (or day). I got both the regular blankets and the SwaddleMe wraps, just to be on the safe side.

     Hats, mittens & booties. Newborns will need lots of warmth to mimic the temperature inside the womb. So, it's important to cover their head, hands (to prevent them from scratching themselves, too), and feet.


     Nursing pillow. After labor, you're probably going to want all the help you can get. That includes taking a bit of the load off while nursing your baby. Whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, a nursing pillow can help prop baby up at just the right position without putting any strain on you. After going through several options, hubby and I settled on a Boppy nursing pillow. It just arrived in the mail today actually. Hurrah for eBay!
     Bottles. If you're planning to breastfeed exclusively, then you probably won't need this. Maybe just a couple down the road for water or juice. That's about it. But if you're going to bottle feed with formula or pump milk, then getting a few 4oz. and 8/9 oz. bottles are definite must-haves. Hubby and I prefer glass bottles, but we figured since they can be quite heavy, a newborn wouldn't be too thrilled about it. So we got an Philips Avent BPA-free essentials gift set for now. Will probably move on to glass bottles when baby gets a bit bigger.

     Bibs & burp cloths. You wouldn't want to get any of that spilled milk (or liquidy burp) on baby's cute little outfit (and yours). They grow with baby so you can get as many as you want. They're pretty versatile, too.

     Pacifiers. This is quite the controversial item in our family. See, I was given a pacifier as a baby and everyone kept telling me how I've turned out to be spoiled (was it my fault that I was just too darn cute??). Not to mention the teasing that followed in reference to my full, puckered lips. But I think it can't hurt to have 1 or 2 pacifiers on standby. Just in case baby gets restless even after feedings. Better be prepared, right?

     Bottle sterilizer. We got our microwavable sterilizer as part of the Avent starter kit. Very convenient, yes, because it can clean both plastic and glass bottles. Great for traveling, too.

     Bottle drying rack. Include a good bottle and nipple brush while you're at it. Starter kits and bottle gift sets usually have them already.


     Crib or Co-Sleeper. Hubby had plans of making one from scratch. But with everything going on with work and in the home-front (we're moving after I give birth), we decided it would be best to just get a convertible playard for now. We did salivate after the Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper for a while. Even joined a contest online hoping we'd win one. But that didn't seem to be in the cards for us. So, we bought The First Year Close and Secure Sleeper instead. This will allow us to put the baby to sleep on the bed with us for the first few months without any risk of rolling over her or suffocating her. Does the job at a fraction of the price. We're quite happy with this purchase.

     Beddings. Bolster pillows, comforter, a Boppy anti-flat head mattress...whatever floats your boat. Just remember not to leave any of these in the crib with your baby so they don't accidentally smother themselves. To keep them warm in their crib, stick with a swaddling blanket. And always keep an eye on them. Always. Look at me, preaching, when I have no idea what I'm talking about half the time. LOL


     Baby carrier, car seat & stroller. Also known as a travel system, these really come in handy during the first few months. The stroller could be used much longer, depends on how much the weight limit is on them, which really gives you your money's worth. We got the Safety 1st Saunter Travel System because A) it didn't cost an arm and a leg, and B) when we have a baby boy, the Cosmos Storm theme will still work. So cute, right?
     Diaper bag w/ changing mat. This is tricky only because you can practically turn any spacious tote into a diaper bag nowadays. That way you don't have to buy one. My aunts did give me a gold diaper purse that doesn't look like a diaper bag at all. The only negative thing about that is that hubby clearly can't carry it around. I mean, I don't even let him carry my purses pre-pregnancy! So, the only solution was to get an affordable, daddy-friendly diaper bag that didn't sacrifice quality or function. I just hope hubby liked what I picked out. ;)

     Sling or carrier. It's all about hands-free cuddling. Using one would definitely turn any new parent into a multitasking pro. We received an Infantino carrier a couple of months back and I thought that was just a really thoughtful and functional gift. I especially can't wait for hubby to use it. LOL


     Changing table or contoured pad. If space is an issue in your home, you don't really need to buy any new baby furniture, especially not an entire changing table. All you need is a free table top that's just the right height and has a little more space for changing essentials. That's exactly what we're doing. We got the Summer Infant contoured changing pad and I think we're all set.

     Bath tub. Your best bet are the infant-to-toddler types because your baby can use it for a much longer period of time. My sister-in-law gave us a pretty standard tub with a clip-on net that will secure baby so we don't have to worry about her slipping or tumbling around.

     Baby wash. Always go for the mildest, most natural variant. It helps that the kind you get is approved by your baby's pediatrician. We've received a few bottles of Aveeno wash-and-shampoo. Tried some while giving my niece a bath and she seemed fine with it. She smelled really nice afterward, too.

     Baby wipes. You can deal with baby pee and doody two ways. Do it like what our parents did - good old warm water and some cotton - or use good-quality baby wipes. We've started to stock up on wipes ourselves, just in case the cotton won't be able to cut through the, well, mess.


     Healthcare & grooming kit. You've got your thermometer, nasal aspirator, soft bristle hair brush, nail clippers, etc. When it comes to your baby's health and safety, there's really no room for shortchanging.

     Baby monitor. This is pretty standard. But with all the kinds and brands that are out in the market now, it's hard to settle on one. Personally, I rely on customer feedback and product reviews. So, go with one that's tried, tested, and praised more than bashed.

     Diaper rash cream. I was told never to leave home without diaper rash cream when lugging baby around. It might just save you a sleepless night or two. Better to beat the rash before it even starts. So, keep that baby bum clean, dry, and protected at every diaper change.

     Toy & pacifier wipes. Sure, that mom probably just wiped off toys of her clothes or blew on them and handed them back to their baby after they've dropped them, but when it's your baby, you want to play it safe. When I saw these toy & pacifier wipes on Amazon (they were rated pretty well, too), I knew I had to get my hands on some. I've also bought a bottle of toy and surface cleaner at a local mall. Whatever germs my babies get from school or the playground can't be helped, but my home will definitely be as clean as I can make it for them.

     Deet-free mosquito repellent stickers. I got a box of these really colorful, kid-friendly mosquito repellent stickers from Watson's and I feel like my baby is already protected from the little buggies. No one likes to get bitten. At least not by mosquitoes.


     Rocker, swing or bouncy seat. Moms (and dads, too) swear by this. It helps soothe a restless, crying baby, and leaves momma's hands free to do other things around the house while baby is blissfully distracted. Good friend and another Godmother-to-be gave us an infant-to-toddler rocker because she loved her baby's so much, she thought we'd find it very useful, too.


     Teethers & rattles
     Crib mobile
     Activity gym     
     Baby book
     Diaper disposal system and liners
     Night light
     High chair
     Car window sunshade protectors
     Baby carrier net protector
     Bumbo seat & tray
     Books, toys & trinkets
     Baby-friendly laundry detergent
     Toy & surface cleaner
     Massage oil
     Booster or convertible car seat
     Plates, spoons & sippy cups
     Umbrella stroller
     Knee protectors
     Portable potty & liners
     Baby hangers
     Nursery organizer
     Car backseat organizer
     Bottle & food warmer
     Infant travel bed
     Boppy travel pillow
     Baby's insurance, educational and mutual funds


     "What To Expect: The First Year" book
     Maxi pads
     Nursing bras
     Breast pump
     Breast milk storage
     Breast pads
     Nursing cover
     Nipple cream
     Tummy binder
     Button down or maternity tops
     Birth & newborn photography sessions

I haven't really had my baby shower yet, but so far, I think hubby and I can survive the first couple of months with everything we've gotten so far - almost all of the quintessential newborn stuff, some nice things baby won't even remember owning, and a few other indulges just because they rank high in the cute and nifty scale.

Still figuring out what to give our baby for, well, whatever occasion? Our baby registry should help you guys out. Thanks in advance, loves!

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