Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby Storm

I've attended, organized, hosted my fair share of baby showers, but the one my friends threw for me was just off the hook! Of course I would love it above everyone else's; IT'S MINE! lol 

It had a pink rockstar theme and the venue couldn't have been more perfect - a KTV! The diaper cake was divine, the homemade pink velvet sugar-free cupcakes were delicious, the presents were just too cute, the activities and the singing were both hilarious and unforgettable, and the buffet was filling and surprisingly delicious.

Ooh, and check out our Mommy and Daddy All-Access passes! It's fun being rockstars for a day. ;)

A few girl friends couldn't make it, which was unfortunate, but those who came sure had a blast. Needless to say, so did hubby and I. And just a couple of days later, another baby shower was upon us. The virtual kind. Since most of my family are Stateside, they decided to get everything they could get their hands on at Babies 'R Us and send them over to me. Opening all those boxes full of baby stuff was just exhilarating. It felt like Christmas!

In the end, not only did our loved ones "shower" us with presents and surprises. They whipped up a mad storm that we won't soon forget. Thank you, everyone, for making it all so special. 'Til the next baby. ;)

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