Friday, September 21, 2012


The Baby Company is now open at SM The Block. Hurrah! There's one at The Annex and another at the main department store, but it's just fun having so many options (and when you're waddling instead of strutting with a baby on the way, you'd want a baby store that's super accessible).

The SM Mom's Card and other rewards cards are also honored here, which is great. Lots of items on sale now. And they still offer the free digital photo key chain (which my friend Mikey thought was a Tamagochi lol) with every minimum purchase of Php3000. They also filled my shopping bag with free stuff and samples from Pigeon, Lactacyd Baby, Cradle, and Cycle. Gotta love them freebies and discounts. :)

Since they've just opened, I've noticed a few items/brands that aren't available in the other Baby Company stores. Scored a diaper bag by Carter (the other 2 I have are ginormous, so this smaller one would come in handy for those short day trips), a couple of breast gel pads and soothing liners by The First Years, a mommy magazine, and a bunch of other small stuff I know hubby won't mind me getting. Or at least I hope he wouldn't. lol

Happy shopping, Mommies!

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