Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Crazy Preggy Lady On Aisle 6

20-80% off retail, member's only discount, BOGO (buy one get one), FREE STUFF...these are just a few of my absolute favorite words. And I was only too thrilled to come across all of them at the S&R Member's Treat Early Bird shopping extravaganza yesterday. I was like a crazy pregnant lady on steroids!

I found myself spending most of my time in the baked goods and kitchenware sections (taking the wife and mommy roles too seriously, wouldn't you say). There were so many stuff on sale (practically give-aways, if you ask me) I almost couldn't contain myself. Among everything I managed to squeeze into my cart/s (yes, I had a couple), I'd have to say that the Philipple Richard 16-piece non-stick aluminum cook & bake set was the best steal of all. Originally priced at almost Php4000 (around US$100), they were selling them at only Php1900 (less than US$50 and that's tax inclusive)! Craaazy, right?

I've always wanted my very own griddle and now I have one.
As if my OBgyn had this sixth sense (at last weekend's check-up, I was told not to walk too much just until my UTI has cleared), I received a call from her in the middle of my shopping only to ask me if I was having contractions yet. Fortunately, the only thing that was contracting at that time was my wallet. LOL

And when you're in S&R, you can't possibly leave without having some of their delicious foodstuff. So I brought home a couple of pizzas, some clam chowder, a beef hotdog for the hubby, french fries for the kiddies, and a cup of yummy Blue Bunny strawberry cheesecake for the pregnant lady. It was one fun afternoon indeed.

The S&R Member's Treat will run in all of its branches beginning today, September 26, up until the end of the month. I couldn't risk the tumult of people that's why I went a day early and lucky for me, I scored some good early bird deals minus the crazy shopping crowd. You non-preggo shoppers enjoy these next few days. I'm sure they're going to bring out even more stuff. Happy membership shopping!

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