Saturday, September 29, 2012

Let's Get It On - Myths And Half Truths About Inducing Labor

Not that I'm in any hurry to deliver this massive bowling ball I'm lugging around 24/7, but I have to admit, even as I'm enjoying being pregnant and all, I can't wait to meet the little bugger face to face. And you have noooo idea how excited the father and grandparents are. Everyday they ask me if I've popped yet.

All in God's perfect time, is what I always say. And in this case, all in Luna's time, too. She's made a home for herself in my belly and she's quite liking it, I can tell. She will have to come out soon. Perhaps next week, who knows. We've got time.

I have been reading articles on how to naturally and safely induce labor. I actually learned this stuff first while watching an episode of Friends a few years back, where Rachel is so miserable toward the end of her pregnancy that she was willing to do anything to get baby Emma out of her. Including, but not limited to, walking, eating chili peppers, and getting it on with her baby-papa Ross. Who said you can't learn a thing or two from watching TV. lol

Other labor inducers include drinking castor oil (which I heard is gross both at the time you take it and the time you, well, pass it), eating pineapple and a host of other so-called contraction-stimulating foods. Derived from old wives tales, I'm sure, but many moms who've tried at least one of these swear by them.

My OBGyn and I were gunning for a September 30 delivery (that's tomorrow so I don't know what the chances are of THAT happening), but she wanted me free of infection first before I go into labor. That's why I'm still on probiotics therapy for now.

In the meantime, I keep busy with our weekly garage sale, packing stuff and preparing for the big move in November, and splurging a little on eBay, Amazon, and Multiply Marketplace for even more baby stuff. Just when I think we have everything we need for the baby, I quickly discover that I don't. lol

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