Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here It Goes Again

I'm not talking about the Ok Go song, although I feel some of the lines from the song are quite applicable to last night's (until the wee hours this morning) events. So, what exactly happened? Well, I call them familiar bouts of indigestion and maddening Braxton Hicks contractions, similar to what I had on Sunday, except worse. Much worse. And it lasted a whole lot longer. Oh, it was baaaaad.

I was this close to asking hubby to come home from work at 2 in the morning, but I fought the urge. I knew it wasn't true labor. I was just in a whole lot of NEEDLESS pain. No big deal. lol

I was texting with my OBGyn, too, and she was very supportive all through out, asking me how I was doing from time to time, requesting I tell her as soon as I couldn't bear the discomfort or pain any more. I'm kinda happy (and proud of myself) I kept on trucking and stood my ground. Finally, by 5 in the morning, after throwing up all my insides and enduring back and belly pains simultaneously, I fell asleep and stayed asleep for a solid hour - the longest of the night. I felt much better by daybreak. Thank the good Lord.

And now, we dance. :)

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