Friday, October 5, 2012

House Call

Today we had a very special house guest - no other than Ms. Chiqui Brosas-Hahn herself. Last weekend, we attended her 21st Anniversary shindig and one of the prizes that was raffled off was a 1-on-1 birth and breastfeeding class with her right in your own home. Hubby and I were really gunning for the other raffle prize, which was a free NEWBORNstory photography package from Chiqui's daughter Regina, but we were just as thrilled to bring home the grand prize. And into our home she came. :)

We had to do it in the new house because, well, needless to say, the old house was a complete mess. So I went like really early this morning to tidy up a little, prepare a spread of light snacks and beverages, and make the place as welcoming as it possibly could.

Chiqui arrived and we didn't waste one minute. We reviewed all the topics we learned from our birth classes with her in August and covered some brand new ones, including a more in-depth tutorial on breastfeeding.

After all the birthing and breastfeeding talks, we had another topic we were really excited to talk about - insurance and investments. Aside from teaching birth classes and providing birth coaching services, Chiqui is also very passionate about her other job, which is working at Manulife. When her husband passed away some years ago, she really saw the value of insurance. That it wasn't for the dead but for the living. In her case, she had 5 children when she was widowed so she knows first hand what it felt like to provide for and protect her young ones. With that, we sat down and she tried to customize existing insurance plans to meet our own personal needs. It was very enlightening to say the least.

All in all, we were so happy we got the opportunity to go over everything again. And in a private class, no less. Especially now that labor is imminent, we feel like we're even more prepared for the birth. :)

Exercise: Breathing through early labor contractions.
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