Saturday, October 13, 2012

La Luna - A Birth Story

I was in my 40th week and still no sign of the baby coming. On Oct 8, I had my weekly checkup with my OB. She said I was still at 2cm, station -3, but at least I was 30% effaced. She ordered for a biophysical profile scan to make sure the baby isn't wrapped by the cord. The next day, Oct 9, I went in for a BPS at 3pm. Although the baby's BPS score was ok, the sonologist informed me that there was very little amniotic fluid. She recommended I call my OB right away and have myself admitted so they can monitor the baby. Arrived at the labor room in Delgado Hospital a little before 7pm, they did an IE and it was all the same except I was 50% effaced. Obviously, labor was taking too long. I wasn't even contracting. Since the amount of amniotic fluid was alarming, my OB told me and hubby to prepare because we most likely will have a C/S. But not before trying to induce labor. They gave me Buscopan via IV and for the next couple of hours, mild to moderate contractions came in at 12-15 minute intervals. Still not enough to get the baby out soon. I also started to feel my head ache with every contraction so they monitored my BP, which was higher than normal. That was the last indicator, I guess. My OB recommended we do the C/S so the baby won't get to a point where she becomes stressed.

I was given an epidural so I was awake the entire time I was in the delivery room. They cut me open and it took a while for the baby to be extracted because she was so reluctant to come out! It took 3 people plus the OB to corner and push/pull her out! LOL As a result, the OB had to cut me a little wider (imagine a big smile across the lower belly) and cut both sides of my obliques to make room for the hesitant baby. And to think she's only 5lbs 10oz. Had I given birth normally, I wouldn't have had a hard time pushing her out! But, as they say, there's a reason for everything. Good thing, too, that we opted for C/S because although the baby's Apgar scores are good and everything seemed ok by the 6th hour, there was still concern for her jaundice and sepsis.

She was immediately started on broad spectrum antibiotics and phototherapy. I was discharged yesterday but baby Luna had to be left behind to continue her treatment. Results of her blood culture won't come in until Monday, so we're hoping she'd be cleared to go home shortly after then.

We went back to see her this morning, tried to breastfeed her for the 4th time. She successfully breastfed yesterday, but I don't think she got a lot of colostrum out of it. I did pump last night and we brought that with us for her to take today. We're going back this afternoon to try breastfeeding again plus we have about an ounce of expressed colostrum to feed her. All in all, it's been a roller coaster ride. But we definitely can't wait to bring her home and smother her with kisses.

Some of our friends and family have been teasing us that after all the birth classes we had with Chiqui, both private and with the group, we ended up not using the Lamaze techniques during labor and delivery. But we tell them that even though we ended up having a c-section, the classes really helped us a lot, especially post delivery.

We used the same breathing and pain management techniques so I was taken off the IV after only 12 hrs post op. Started sitting, rolling over, walking, going to the bathroom, mentally and emotionally overcoming the pain, in less than 24 hrs post op. Angelo still proved to be a great coach after all. Our birth story, which turned out to be completely different from what we had planned, still is our best and most memorable story yet.

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