Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend Mama-madness

So, this past weekend was quite eventful. On Saturday morning, rain and traffic and all, we went to our birth class instructor's 21st anniversary celebration slash insurance pitch at Manulife (very interesting stuff, I must say. So interesting that hubby and I are convinced I can have a go at marketing insurance myself after the baby is born. Very promising indeed). Won some nice prizes, like an umbrella, a premium Mustela gift pack, and the grand prize of the day - a one-on-one coaching and breastfeeding class with no other than Chiqui Brosas-Hahn herself...in our home! We were thrilled, of course. Especially me. I NEVER win prizes and raffles and what not.

That night, I met up with my good friend Cynthia, had some delicious wings and bleu cheese while watching the Azkals championship match against Chinese Taipei at Buffalo's (we won. Yay!), moved to Borough for a night cap of milk, cookies & cake, and went home stuffed and happy. Then, Sunday came.

Woke up really early because I was feeling extremely uncomfortable and my belly was just as hard as...as...well, anything and everything hard. Thought it was just one of those things, but by 7am, it really didn't let up much. Called my doctor, explained I couldn't tell if they were contractions, and if they were, I couldn't tell when they started, ended, or how long they lasted because it was pretty bad all throughout. She sensed my discomfort from the sound of my voice so she asked me to go to the hospital and have myself checked just to make sure I wasn't in labor. After taking a quick shower and getting a few things ready, hubby and I were out the door and off to the hospital.

We got there, I had an IE, was strapped to the fetal monitor to check on the baby, and had a urinalysis to check if my UTI has cleared. Oddly enough, while I was in the labor room, I didn't feel an ounce of discomfort or pain. So, after 3 or so hours of monitoring (and sleeping on my part), everything seemed fine, baby was doing great, I wasn't having any contractions, my blood pressure was normal, IE showed I was 1cm dilated but not effaced, and my UTI has cleared. So, I was good to go home. Except we didn't because hubby and the FIL (father in law) made plans to pick up this vintage car they were buying plus do repairs on some fixtures in the new house. But not after having lunch first. We had some really good, authentic Thai food at this place called Krung Thai. After downing a couple of servings of Tom Yum, Pad Thai, and spring rolls, I knew I was going to pay for it.

On the way to picking up the vintage car, I told hubby to drop me off at the new house because I couldn't take sitting in the moving car for another minute. It seemed to make my back and belly ache even more. So, he hesitantly dropped me off and promised to be back as soon as they can (the place they were going to was a good 2-hr drive ONE WAY, thanks to the traffic). I chose to suffer in pain alone, in bed, without having to endure that kind of torture. Well, even after lying in bed and trying to relax, I suffered anyway.

The pain was really bad that time and it lasted from 3pm until around 4:30. I was having cold sweats, had urges to poop but couldn't, and I threw up not once but twice. I really thought, ok, I am in labor now for sure. But as soon as I threw up the second time, I felt a little better. To think I was this close to calling the guard at the gate to get me cab to the hospital. The ice cold water, menthol candy, and baby Zen music I played from my iPad really helped calm things down. I ended up snoozing until hubby and the folks-in-law arrived. Phew. And all that had nothing to do with real labor. The real thing has got to feel much worse, I imagine. Oh, dear Lord, help me.

Ended the night with some late Pho dinner at Eastwood. Rewarded myself with a steaming hot bowl of beef Pho and a glass of dalandan shake. Delicious. Best part of it all - I managed to keep it all down. And when we got home last night, both hubby and I slept like babies, thanks to the nonstop Zen music playing. Luna seemed to be lulled by it, too, which is very, very good for Mommy. lol

Yesterday, we met with the photographer who'll be covering Luna's first day/s at the hospital. Her name's Regina Hahn-Siy and she's the daughter of our birth class instructor Chiqui. Such a lovely, positive person. We're all super excited for the shoot.

Then, we were off to our weekly check-up with my OBGyn. After doing an IE, was told the baby was still a bit high up, probably at station -3, and I was 1-2cm dilated. Was given some evening primrose supplements to help soften my cervix and, hopefully, start labor in the next few days. Not before the free refresher's course set for Friday, I hope! But soon after that. 'Cuz, honestly, I can't wait to get Luna out of me and in my arms. :)

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