Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Welcome Home, Lunakin

Hubby and I were simply overjoyed when the doctor said we could bring little Luna home tonight. We weren't prepared at all because we expected to bring her home tomorrow at the earliest. So, when we knocked on the door of the Special Care Unit of the hospital to "claim" our daughter, reality hit us like an over-speeding bus. I looked at my husband as we waited and I saw both excitement and fear in his eyes. I was grinning from ear to ear, but I have to admit I was just a big ball of nerves inside.

The door opened and the nurse wheeled out Luna in her bassinet. She handed all of Luna's stuff to us then proceeded to swaddle her. She lifted her out and handed her to us. Hubby more than happily volunteered to carry her. Incidentally, it would be the first time he holds her. Once she was in his arms, he just couldn't stop smiling. And mine was just as big, if not bigger.

At that moment, we were complete. We are now a family. And we're all going home. :)

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